About us

Graftin’ is a passionate team of consultants, specialized in business and professional development. The team is focused on International Business Strategy and is focused on helping their clients to find the best possible solutions. In particular, they advise on the process of corporate growth, designing strategies that work, analysing possible future opportunities, identifying industry and business issues and recommending actions. More than that, however, Graftin’ recognizes that companies are formed by people who, in order to achieve their professional objectives, must be empowered to develop their full potential. Graftin’ therefore also offers a Business Coaching services, providing a business training, coaching and mentoring program. Finally, Graftin’ also offers a specific course for working women, the “Working Mama program”. This course is led by coaches certified by ICF, the International Coaching Federation, the largest international professional association of coaches, a guarantee of absolute integrity and professional quality of its members.

Analysis of growth opportunities

To explore the field
of business challenges.

Strategic planning

To start seeding
in the best conditions.


To ensure
focused growth


The results
of everyone’s work.


For the development of the human potential, the real corporate asset.