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Career Coach

We are looking for a Career Coach who wants to join our amazing Graftin’ team in Milan.
Through personal consultations, you will help our clients to identify their specific aptitudes and go on to realize their career goals.
You will help our clients to research possible career options and search out job openings that match their career interests.
You are the person we are looking for if:

  • You love helping people to realize their job’s dream;
  • You know how to help people to understand which career will make them happy;
  • You make things to happen and you will consider your job done when Graftin’ client will find a job that makes him/her happy;
  • You are a good compassionate listener;
  • you know the new human resources and recruiting techniques;
  • you have a solid network within B2B;
  • you speak Italian and English fluently
  • you agree with this quote: “Impress people with your soul, not with the things you have”

What we offer you:

  • A meritocratic workplace, we don’t care about your race, your family of origin, we only care you, your behaviour and your results.
  • A peaceful environment, where people enjoy working together.
  • A LifeLongLearning environment, where people enjoy improving themselves.

Enter your details and attach your curriculum vitae; if your profile is in line with what we are looking for you will soon be contacted.

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